“It is never more true that "a picture is worth a thousand words" than it is in attracting potential buyers in the real estate market. A professional photographer is worth much in getting your listing noticed amidst the myriad of properties for sale. Janet Smith has a fantastic eye and is experienced in the use of the latest technology to show off your listings in the most favorable way!! Recommend her highly!!!”
--- Lois, Former Realtor
“When we were house hunting a lot of the pictures in the MLS were so poorly taken we couldn’t get a feel for the house. Many of the exterior pictures were either too dark or shaded by too many trees we couldn’t hardly find the house. Some of the interior pictures had so much glare from a flash that the room was blurred out.”
--- Sam, recent home buyer

“When we met with our new realtor he gave us hundreds of listings to look through.  Based solely on the photos of the homes, we picked some to go tour. The realtor thought we would like one particular home, but we chose not to look at it because we didn't like the photos. It looked like a big dark shack and I like bright homes with lots of light.

 After touring dozens, our realtor talked us into going to see the home we had rejected earlier because of the photos, and our mouths dropped open when we drove up the driveway. The home we had rejected turned out to be the house of our dreams.

To think we nearly missed our dream home because of some poorly taken photos. Two full days of looking at houses could have been avoided if we had better quality photos taken of the home which was perfect for us.”

--- Carol Ann, Claremont, New Hampshire